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Hand blown glass from the glassblowing workshop and glass gallery in the Welsh borders town of Hay on Wye. Work includes studio glass, tableware and glass lighting, Together with glass blowing courses and workshops.


Beginners Glass Blowing Courses

Glass making and blowing courses in the Welsh Border Town of Hay on Wye. Learn and get hands on experience with our various workshops and lessons.

Get All Hot and Bothered !

Experience the magic of hot glass with a glass making course at our studio in Hay on Wye. The courses are aimed at complete beginners and although we cannot guarantee to turn you into a master glassblower, you will get hands on experience and a great insight into this most fascinating of crafts.
With a class size of only three students you will have plenty of opportunity to get those first few precious pieces into the glass kiln.
But beware - glassblowing is highly addictive!

Glass Blowing lessons in Hay on Wye
Glass Blowing courses in Hay on Wye
Glass Blowing workshops in Hay on Wye


We offer both a half day TASTER COURSE, or a full day BEGINNERS COURSE -  No experience is needed for either course.


The glass furnace used for glass making lessons at Eirian Studio Glass in Hay on Wye

Lasting  three hours, this session will start with a short safety talk and will then move on to introduce you to the equipment, tools and methods of working in the hot glass studio.

Working in a group of three with an experienced professional glass maker, you will learn how to gather glass from the furnace, shape and form it using various traditional tools and techniques and  how to apply colour to your work.
You will experience the thrill of creating your very own pieces from this fascinating material which are yours to keep and treasure.

There will also be a demonstration and introduction to glass blowing which may whet your appetite to develop your glass making skills further.

The cost of this half day course is £125.00 per person and includes all necessary materials.


The full day Beginners Course will take students with no previous experience through the basic rudiments of handling glass to the more complex methods of shaping and blowing glass.

Glass making tools used in the glass blowing courses at eirian studio glass in Hay on wye.

The morning session will teach you how to gather from the furnace, shape, marver and form the glass. It will explore the use of colour in solid objects and show you the basic techniques of paperweight making, allowing you to design and create your own paperweight.

The afternoon session will be focused on widening your skill level by introducing you to handling, shaping and blowing larger amounts of glass. Working as a team with your other classmates you will explore the various techniques and methods of blowing, forming and colouring glass in order to create a vessel by the end of the day. 

The course starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm with a one hour break for lunch.

The cost of a full day course is £230 per person and includes all necessary materials.

Please note that your glass will have to anneal (cool at a controlled rate in a kiln) overnight and will therefore not be available to take home on the day, but we will happily pack (very carefully) and send your work to you, at a cost of £15, for individuals or £10 per person for the Half Day Taster Course- this covers the cost of grinding and polishing together with packing and shipping your work.


Age - All students must be eighteen or over.

Health - Glass making is physical and hot work. You should have a reasonable level of fitness and mobility to enjoy your experience. If you have any doubts please contact us for advice.

Glass blowing irons at the eirian workshop

Clothing - Robust and sensible footwear are a must. Cotton clothing, for example jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt, should be worn. No loose or synthetic clothing should be worn. Long hair must be tied back. Safety glasses will be provided.

Safety - We will give a safety talk on your arrival. Glass making is not dangerous if simple procedures and common sense are adhered to. We are here to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Booking To book a course please contact us by phone. We can then let you know the current availability of places.

Terms and Conditions > -  Please read our terms and conditions before booking.


Booking Glass blowing courses

Please contact us > if you would like to book a course and we can give  you the current available course dates and answer any questions you may have.

We also offer Glassblowing Course Vouchers, which can be given as gifts and are valid for one year The course dates may then be arranged with us by the recipients at a date to suit.

email vouchers available right up to christmas Eve.

Glass Blowing Course Students

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