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5 The Craft Centre, Oxford Road
Hay-on-Wye, HR3
United Kingdom

01497 821346

Hand blown glass from the glassblowing workshop and glass gallery in the Welsh borders town of Hay on Wye. Work includes studio glass, tableware and glass lighting, Together with glass blowing courses and workshops.





Get sand and soda up to a temperature of about 1500 degrees and just look what can happen!
Suddenly the solid granulate opaque and natural materials turn into a transparent viscous liquid that can be fashioned to take on all the forms and structures that you could ever want to imagine.
It becomes by it's metamorphose the most unnatural thing in the world. And yet this liquid, that turns to solid can be coaxed to become virtually anything we wish. Things to use, or things to simply admire.
These are objects created by fire.

By the very nature of this incredible material the applications and possibilities are as varied as they are endless.


From objects of beauty which serve no purpose other than to be enjoyed ; to objects that serve a practical purpose there is virtually no application that this versatile material cannot lend itself to.

Even after thousands of years in practice, this art form has barely changed and
still remains the most fascinating of mediums to work.The introduction of various oxides to a glass melt transforms a clear glass into a myriad of colours, giving the endless array of designs and textures.


Strata Tumblers

Glass remains one of the most enigmatic of arts, which shows itself in the never ending fascination that we have for it.


Even after hundreds of years the tools and materials of the glass maker remain virtually the same as they always were.
Paper, wood, and iron help to create an infinite number of things in glass when in the hands of the master glass maker.
Whether free blowing or using wooden or metal moulds to shape the glass, the basic tools
are designed to cope with any application.

As complex a material as glass is, it is remarkable that the
tools used to fashion this most mercurial of materials are simple and few.
Made of materials as organic as the glass itself, in the hands of skilled craftsmen, they can temper, tease and sometimes
force the glass into a variety of the most beautiful objects and practical things.